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What sets us apart from other Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Organisations is that we specialise in relationships, relationship difficulties and anything related to Domestic Violence and Abuse.

70% of people seeking counselling for their relationship have an element of difficulties which fit under the umbrella word of domestic violence, and yet most people have a misconception of what domestic violence is, and picture often the most severe form which is what they see portrayed in the media as worst case scenario’s.

What this means, is that for most couples and individuals who are experiencing relationship difficulties they don’t actually get the most appropriate help because the service or individual they go to is often ill equipped, inexperienced and lacking the qualifications and specialist knowledge needed to work with the complexities, dynamics and nature of the issues clients bring.

Each and everyone of us has the ability within a relationship; whether intimate or not to manipulate, intimidate and coerce the other in order for us to get our own way.  Of course the level of this behaviour will vary from person to person, and of course so will the impact on those on the receiving end. This impact and effect can be short, medium or long term on not only the emotional, psychological, physical, sexual, and also the financial stability, health and wellbeing of those involved.

The balance of equality, power and control often changes frequently over time in a healthy relationship, however equality, power and control can also be abused resulting in harmful behaviour on the spectrum of relationship difficulties and domestic violence.

It is therefore important that if you as an individual, or a couple are seeking help for relationship difficulties or domestic violence that you research the individual counsellor, psychotherapist, or organisation and ensure they have the specialist knowledge, experience, qualifications and expertise in order to work with the complexities, impact, damage and trauma, in a sensitive, contained, and appropriate way.

Most Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Organisations will advertise that they can work with Couples in Conflict, or where difficulties present, however this can often be a damaging process if the sessions are not managed, facilitated or dealt with in an appropriate way leading to further issues within the relationship and for the individuals themselves.

Most will also advocate that they work with individuals who have experienced emotional abuse, physical abuse and even sexual abuse. Again it is important and vital that they have the specialist knowledge, experience, qualifications and expertise due to the complex nature of the trauma, impact and effect otherwise you will feel like your ‘wound’ has been opened up again and left exposed, and you will be in a more vulnerable position.

There are experienced counsellors and psychotherapists out there, but it is vital that you do your research, and ensure they are equipped to work with you. This is your life, and it is important that you are not potentially left in a worse position.

So research is key – don’t be afraid to ask them what experience, knowledge, qualifications and expertise they have. If they are genuine they will be able to explain this to you. If they say they have been on a course or have a certificate ask them to explain this – it will be important to ascertain whether it’s a half day course? a weeks course or whether its part of their professional background. Your emotional and psychological health should be treated the same way as your physical health – Would you let someone loose in an operating theatre who has been on a half day course for your ailment?

Here at Selyor Therapy Centre we work in an integrative way, meaning we work with a number of different theoretical approaches, from the basis of One Size Does Not Fit All.

We work with Individuals and Couples (where safe and appropriate) regardless of sexual orientation or gender.

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