Domestic Violence Expert Tina Royles: Chris Brown is targeted in Domestic Violence ‘Swatting’ Incident

First there was the targeting of his CD’s in HMV store and now according to the below article police were called to Chris Brown’s LA Home after a prank call suggesting a domestic violence incident involving firearms was happening at this location. Chris Brown it was subsequently established was not even at the premises.

These pranksters are not helping victims of domestic violence by their actions.
It has taken a long time for Domestic Violence to be taken seriously and it is extremely vital that police respond as quickly as possible to ‘genuine’ domestic violence incidents and that their time isn’t taken up on hoax calls

Check out the article:

For my previous comments on campaigners targeting Chris Brown click on the link below:—are-they-helping-to-address-domestic-violence/

What are your thoughts?


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