Relate Exeter offering reduced price Counselling for Carers!

Relate in Exeter are offering a new service to carers in their area, they have received funding to offer counselling to carers at a reduced price in order for them to get counselling help.

I wish Relate Exeter success with their new project, and I am sure carers in Exeter will benefit greatly.

Most people have heard of Relate; predominantly due to the fact that Relate used to be the organisation that solely focused on Marriage Guidance.

Relate over the last several years have tried to move away from the label of ‘marriage guidance’ and have established themselves as Relate – The Relationships People; largely to move with the times as not everyone will take the route of marriage, couples might live together with no formal legal commitment, others might take the route of civil partnerships etc…, and Relate needed to move away from its heterosexual stance incorporating all individuals and couples.

Relate have also needed to widen their net as it were to apply for what pots of funding money is available each year, therefore as with most organisations and/or charities they have often moved away from their core business and remit.

On the subject of organisations and/or charities stepping outside of their core business and/or remit – I generally would welcome any new project or service which aims to help vulnerable people and those in need, BUT what is pertinent to me is that those services that do branch out into new areas or projects ensure that their staff or volunteers have the appropriate expertise and knowledge to branch out to specifically deal with their target audience, which unfortunately isn’t always the case with some organisations.

What are your thoughts on organisations stepping outside of their core business?

Also for information on Relate Exeter’s project see the article link below:

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