Tina Royles Relationship Counselling: When Your Relationship Is Under The Spotlight

When there are difficulties within a relationship whether as a result of a breakdown of communication, whether due to an affair, whether due to arguments and domestic violence, or whether the relationship has ended amicably it is still a difficult time for all involved whether directly or indirectly, others will always have an opinion on what you should do, should you stay in the relationship or should you walk away, what do you want to do, it may be that you need space hypothetically speaking (whether head space, or physical space) to work out what you want, what is safe to do so emotionally, psychologically, physically, sexually or financially – all of these things are important to explore.

It is about you making a decision from a more informed place about what you want and what is safe to do so, and getting the appropriate support, advice and help whether you stay or whether you leave. It is about working through your emotions to a healthier place.

When you are a celebrity and your personal relationship is being played out in the public eye, it is again a very difficult emotional and psychological place to be your every move is followed, and everyone will have an opinion on what you should do, and that will reinforce the trauma and turmoil already faced. When negative comments are aired when a celebrity stays or returns to their partner is this really going to help the celebrity – is it really showing them our support. No of course it isn’t.

What is important is for us to show support – unconditional support, so that when they make their decision regardless of what that decision might be, that they know they can rely on us, get help from us, and get support if and when they might need it in the future.

For relationship counselling or domestic violence counselling in cheshire and the surrounding areas why not contact us for counselling on 01244 760113  01829 660113 or email us on selyortherapycentre@gmail.com

For relationship counselling or domestic violence counselling outside the cheshire area (including national to UK, or international) then why not contact us by the above methods and discuss with us an alternative format for the sessions (longer/intensive/programme)

Check out my comments on Celebrity Relationship Difficulties in a New York News Feature:




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