Relationship Counselling Tina Royles: Your Life, Your Relationship – How Counselling Can Help

If your relationship hits a difficult patch there will always been a handful of often well meaning people around to offer their advice or chip in with what they would do in your situation. Sometimes this will be helpful and sometimes it might not be.

One thing to remember though is that it is your life, your relationship.

If you want to remain in the relationship, then it is about working your way through the difficulties and exploring ways to enhance your relationship where both of you feel happy and loved.

These are often the two main things individuals feel they want and need from a relationship.

Most of us look to another to provide us with that happiness and love, but reality is that one person cannot often completely provide us with that, and thats where often relationships start to struggle. In essence we should look to ourselves to provide our own happiness and love.

What is important is to actually sit and explore what happiness and love actually mean to you both as individuals – and the reason I say this is because most of us have never actually taken the time to explore what each of these mean for us, and yet we are looking to another to provide it, when we don’t know what it is. Therefore if we haven’t worked out what it is, how is the other person every going to meet that expectation that we have placed on their shoulders. The fact is they are not going to be able to meet these expectations.

A thing to also be aware of, is that our expectations are just that, they are our expectations for us to own, others are not responsible for them.

Where Relationship Counselling can help is it provides you an opportunity as an individual or as a couple the space, time and environment to explore what you want from a relationship and why, you are able to explore what the fundamental things in life such as happiness and love actually mean for you when you break the components down. You are able to explore other often essential elements of our being such as security and nurture, and to work through what your core values and beliefs are, and in turn looking at ways that you communicate with your partner and/or others to be able to have your voice heard in an assertive and non threatening/aggressive/controlling way.

Most individuals/couples often leave seeking help until their relationship has got to the point where they can no longer communicate how they feel, or find it difficult to express how they feel without everything even the simplest of things escalating into an argument, so having a professional work with them on the relationship difficulties is a positive step forward.

Another option would be to seek help when the difficulties start to appear, so that you can work through them, without many negative emotions setting in such as resentment, frustration, guilt or anger.

If you don’t want to remain in the relationship any longer Relationship Counselling can also be a way forward in exploring ways forward to end the relationship.

Relationship Counselling is also useful in coming to terms with, and working through the aftermath of an affair and all the emotions that this activates, whether you want to remain in the relationship and rebuild, or whether you want to leave the relationship, but work through the trauma this has caused whether individually or as a couple.

When a relationship comes to an end whatever the reason might be, this is often a difficult for us and Relationship Counselling will provide the platform to explore your emotions such as denial, despair, anxiety, frustration, anger and work through them to move towards a place of letting go of the loss and moving forward towards a healthier place.

Relationship Counselling therefore can provide many benefits, but it is also important to ascertain the experience and expertise of the organisation or individual providing the Counselling.

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