About us

Selyor Therapy Centre is a Private Counselling and Holistic Therapy Centre based in Alpraham, Tarporley.

It is located on the A51 and is on the main bus route from Nantwich to Chester..

We believe that emotional and physical wellbeing often goes hand in hand; and our passion for wanting to make a difference enabling us to bring all our skills together and set up the therapy centre, which provide services that link these areas together, to help provide the platform for clients to potentially explore, repair, recover, heal and rebuild their lives.

Tina Royles is the Director and Psychotherapist at Selyor Therapy Centre.

Tina’s main aim in life is to ‘Make a Difference’ ¬†and to help others who are or have been experiencing difficulties in life. Her interest and experience in ’emotional wellbeing’ is borne out of dealing with clients in difficult traumatic situations for over 20 years, whether as an individual or within relationships with others.

Check out Tina’s background here


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