Tina Royles Domestic Violence Expert: Linzi Ashton murdered in Salford – Police hunt for ex partner Michael Cope

Tina Royles MA – Domestic Violence Expert comments:

“Not a day goes by lately without an incident of domestic violence or a debate about it hitting the news – whether thats to do with police failings, whether its to do with new guidelines, whether its a campaigner or politician speaking about it, or an academic coming up with new theories – but in my opinion underneath it all what it comes down to is the stark reality that any domestic violence incident can end in a fatality.
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Domestic Violence Expert Tina Royles – Kelly Rowland Talks About Domestic Violence & Abuse

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Tina Royles Relationship Counselling: When Your Relationship Is Under The Spotlight

When you are a celebrity and your personal relationship is being played out in the public eye, it is again a very difficult emotional and psychological place to be your every move is followed, and everyone will have an opinion on what you should do, and that will reinforce the trauma and turmoil already faced. When negative comments are aired when a celebrity stays or returns to their partner is this really going to help the celebrity – is it really showing them our support. No of course it isn’t. Continue reading

Relationship Counselling Tina Royles: Your Life, Your Relationship – How Counselling Can Help

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Domestic Violence Expert, Domestic Violence Coach, Domestic Violence Counselling – Who are YOU placing your trust in?

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Domestic Violence Expert Tina Royles: Media focuses on Rihanna in the run up to Chris Browns court date in LA on April 5th.

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Domestic Violence Expert Tina Royles: A Case of Shooting a ‘Perceived’ Intruder or A Case of Domestic Violence – Oscar Pistorius

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Relate Exeter offering reduced price Counselling for Carers!

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Domestic Violence Expert Tina Royles: Chris Brown is targeted in Domestic Violence ‘Swatting’ Incident

First there was the targeting of his CD’s in HMV store and now according to the below article police were called to Chris Brown’s LA Home after a prank call suggesting a domestic violence incident involving firearms was happening at … Continue reading

Domestic Violence Expert Tina Royles: Police Pilot Scheme to cut paperwork could put victims of domestic violence ‘at risk’

Police Pilot Scheme to cut paperwork could put domestic violence victims ‘at risk’ – Tina Royles Domestic Violence Expert Comments:
As a former police officer who served 16 years, and 9 of those years spent as a Police Domestic Violence Officer I am only too aware of the mountains of paperwork police officers have to content with…and yes there are areas that paperwork could and should be cut…domestic violence is not one of those areas, it has taken years to get to a point where domestic violence is taken more seriously within organisations especially the police, and from experience this is one area that should not be left up to discretion of individual officers…see my blogs for further comments Continue reading