Anger Management

It has been instilled in us from an early age that anger is our body and minds natural emotional response which is designed to assist with feelings of frustration, hurt, threat and violation.

When managed correctly anger can be an empowering and positive force. When it is controlled it can be used to energise ourselves into taking constructive and courageous action that we might not have taken ordinarily. Anger helps us to cope with frustration, hurt, threats and violation. The symptoms are found in our behaviour, bodies, emotions, and minds. Each individual will react differently to a set of similar situations or circumstances. The same as an individual may be presented with the same scenario over and over again, but the way they deal with that situation each time will/may depend on a number of factors such as previous experience whether we have experienced feelings of pleasure, elation, hurt, disappointment, and loss of esteem, frustration, threats or violation. The extent of the feelings will add to the increase of the anger.

From an early age most of us have been taught or been brought up by our parents to know what is right or wrong – or interpreted as what society believes is right or wrong. Therefore each individual has a set of morals to differing standards. For most there is a line where acceptance turns to disapproval. Therefore the cause of the hurt, damage, frustration etc will play a part in the way we handle the situation and deal with our feelings.

When an individual is aware of a set of circumstances, and is aware of when this event will happen, they can perhaps plan a way to deal with it, how they will cope, absorb the information, how they will react, how they will think.

If a situation is sudden, immediate or unexpected, the individual may be overwhelmed, not be able to process the information, not be able to think things through in a rational way; they may take action without thinking. They may feel under pressure and respond in a way that they would not normally do. Therefore the likelihood of the anger trigger plays a part.

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