Invest in yourself or someone you care about.

In order for the majority of us to lead a healthy and active life, it is important that we recognise the need to take time to invest in our emotional and physical wellbeing, just like cars that need regular servicing and an MOT.

We can do this by taking stock of how we are and how we are feeling, and looking at what we might need to help us get back on track rather than waiting for the boiler to break down in winter.

What price would you put on your emotional & physical wellbeing?

Cost of Services at the Centre

Payment by Card, Cash or Cheque (with a valid cheque guarantee card only)

Pre-Payment or Payment Packages can be arranged
Please note: A full 24 hours notice is required for cancelled appointments, otherwise the full fee is payable and an invoice will be sent to you, as we may not be able to offer the appointment to another at such short notice.

Reduced costs for special circumstances

** Domestic Violence may include financial abuse therefore in relation to victims the price may be subject to individual circumstances. and a reduced cost may be considered/applicable based on an individuals specific circumstances (Proof of income/outgoings/benefits received needed).


Service Duration of Session Price per Session
Initial Assessments
Initial Assessment                      60 Min          £50* – £75
Ongoing Sessions                       60 Min          £75
Emotional Wellbeing                         
60 Minutes for all services    (longer sessions may be considered and applicable where client is outside of geographical area of centre)Price scale applies to all services where the client has been or is a victim of domestic violence.



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